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Maintain CRM hygiene by validating your phone number database. Defend against fraud and save efforts by avoiding incorrect or badly formatted numbers.

Line Type & Carrier look-up

Broaden your telecommunication and text messaging strategy. Reduce the chances of having your text treated as spam.

Get Location & Timezone

Plan perfectly timed SMS campaigns and cold calling schedules based on the timezone and location of your prospects.

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Necessity of Phone Validation

Phone validation is primarily performed to know the validity, line type, network carrier, location etc, of the users before reaching them through various ways like SMS/call etc. It's a real-time process that takes less than a fraction of second. Easy to integrate, it's usage will bring the following benefits

Cost saving

Are you aware of the bulk amount wasted by wrong strategies like sending SMS on landlines, calling leads after the office hours, communicating in the wrong language, etc? Avoid being a part of such wastage by using a phone validator to acquire all relevant details relating to a phone number and contacting accordingly.


A personalized message to the user is always more lucrative. So, validate and strategize how to reach (SMS, call), when to reach (before/after working hours) and in what language to reach the user.


Divide and maintain the database based on geography, timezone, socioeconomic indicators, etc. This further ensures channelizing your time & energy towards the right users, in the right manner.

Quality leads

A user provides a valid phone number when they genuinely wish to engage with your business. Multiple enriching data points to determine the validity at the initial stage avoids involvement with fake users.

Phone Validator Features


Perform phone validation of international phone numbers from 240 countries world-wide and get accurate status results


Phone number correction and re-formatting according to national and international standards

Carrier Look-up

Carrier look-up to retrieve details about the carrier their phone number is registered with, and establish the legitimacy of the user.


Ascertain the region and city automatically


Determines the correct time-zone based on the region

Line type

Detect the line type and plan your SMS, call and other campaigns accordingly.

Real-time API

Use real-time Phone validation API to easily integrated into website forms or mobile apps and makes sure only valid numbers are accepted to your contact list and improve overall user experience at the time of capture


Bulk Phone validation enables you to upload the contact phone database & clean up your list with just a single click. Support batch files in CSV or XLSX format and result can download along with the original file or by appending only the required fields at the time of download.


A quick response time of less than half a second. Ensuring a speedy and accurate performance.

Best Security & Support

Data Security

Leading the way in security, we secure the entire transmission using a 256-bit SSL protocol to protect your data. In addition to data encryption in transit and at rest, we process the data under the rules of our privacy policy with an access control mechanism. We do not entertain user data for any purpose other than phone number validation.

Customer support

Our technical support team is great at giving you exactly the information that you need when you need it.


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Phone Validation API for Developers

Simple REST API for an instant and bulk phone validation that can be seamlessly integrated with all programming languages

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a phone validator?
A phone validator is a tool or service that verifies the authenticity and accuracy of phone numbers to ensure your contact database contains only valid numbers.
How does phone validation work?
Phone validation works by cross-referencing phone numbers against the global databases to check if the phone number was issued and is registered in the global directory to determine their authenticity and accuracy.
How to check if a phone number is valid?
To check if a phone number is valid or not, you can use phone validation tools like ClearoutPhone. Simply input the phone number, and our phone validator will quickly tell you its authenticity, helping you maintain a clean and accurate phone database.
How does a phone number become invalid?
Phone numbers can become invalid due to various reasons such as disconnection, number porting, or incorrect formatting. ClearoutPhone identifies invalid phone numbers, helping you remove obsolete or inaccurate data from your records.
How can I validate my mobile number format?
ClearoutPhone offers a comprehensive solution to validate mobile number formats. Our phone validation tool checks for correct formatting according to international standards, ensuring that your mobile numbers are correctly structured and valid.
Can I check if a phone number is mobile or landline?
Yes, you can check if a phone number is mobile or landline or VOIP using ClearoutPhone. Our phone validator accurately identifies the line type, enabling you to tailor your communication strategies accordingly.
Can I check if a US or UK phone number is valid?
Absolutely! You can check US, UK and 240+ other countries’ phone numbers for their validity using ClearoutPhone.